Lazure Painting Workshops

Lazure Painting Workshops with Charles Andrade

Learn the unique European wall glazing technique


In just one weekend you will be able to bring beautiful light-filled color to any room in your home or business. Charles Andrade offers weekend and week-long workshops teaching Lazure Painting  to communities worldwide.

Lazure Painting Workshops: A New Social Art Form
Offered as a group activity, participants work with each other as a team, coordinating their efforts in creating something of lasting beauty in their shared environment.


The workshops begin with an evening talk on “Healing Color for The Home,” a brief demonstration of the Lazure technique on a prepared surface and Q&A. Workshop days are devoted to Lazuring the interior spaces that have been previously prepared.

The benefits of such workshops go beyond the instruction of the group and into the community they share.

I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Andrade’s working visit to our campus. It was a pleasure to work with him. He is an excellent speaker and a very talented artistic painter. He was also a good and patient teacher to us all. I am happy to recommend Mr. Andrade for future workshops, lectures and any special painting projects.
Diana Fletcher, The Waldorf School of San Diego

I am so grateful to have participated in the Lazure workshop with Charles Andrade. The beauty and joy in this artistry and his understanding of it filled me up. It is a gift to all who work with him and all who encounter his work.
~Lindsey Falconer, Workshop participant, Austin, Texas

Advanced Lazure Workshops


Charles Andrade offers Advanced Lazure Color Theory workshops to participants who have had  prior experience with the basic Lazure technique. Whereas the beginner Lazure course is taught in groups and experienced as a social art form, the advanced workshops are taught as a studio course. Participants work individually on paper and on panels as they grapple with the various color harmonies and principles of color knowledge necessary to enter into the luminous world of color that is so unique to Lazure wallpainting. Color exercises are very structured in the beginning but gradually lead to more individual artistic interpretation of course material. Students leave the workshop with a working knowledge of the properties of color and basic color harmonies and combinations. Various Lazure painting techniques and finishes are demonstrated throughout the weekend and, time permitting, muralesque applications of the Lazure technique are explored.


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