Lazure by Andrade

DIY Lazure Painting Kits

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The definitive Do It Yourself Lazure painting kit includes a 30-minute instructional online video utilizing the technique and experience of Master Lazurist, Charles Andrade. Andrade has been Lazuring and teaching Lazure workshops worldwide for over 25 years.

With this DIY Lazure painting kit and instructional online video he provides all the tools and guidance you will need to create luminous, Lazured spaces in your own home and at your own pace.

The LAZURE by ANDRADE kit includes:

  • Two European Lazure brushes.
  • A specially designed set of six custom high quality artist colors that allows you to create the entire spectrum found in an complete color wheel.
  • A detailed printed brochure outlining color mixing, color schemes for your walls along with some basic color theory and a 30-minute detailed instructional online video with Charles teaching the correct and basic step-by-step Lazure painting process and technique.

Other information includes:

  • A brief history of Lazure painting
  • Planning your Lazure project
  • Specific glazing and color mixing formulas
  • Correct Lazure painting and brush techniques
  • How to Lazure around doors and windows along with other technical challenges you may encounter

Bring the inspiration of color into your home…

Available, affordable and convenient – everything you need to ensoul your world with color

$185, plus $20 for shipping

Shipping Option

Lazure by Andrade Customer Testimonials

  • “We moved through the Lazuring process this weekend. What a journey! In the end we all really love what happened.  Once we got into the third coat it started to get fun and creative. I also notice that my body appreciated the active movement of painting this way. Each wall has a unique personality that reflects so much of our journey with learning something new.”
    Jackie ~ Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
  • “Thank you so much for everything! I felt a lot of support throughout the project via our communication and the video. You gave us all the tools we needed, the materials, the video and now we are enjoying the benefits of being surrounded by a color filled with light, warmth and character. Can’t wait to do it again. With lots of joy and gratitude…”
    Marcela ~ Madison, Wisconsin
  • “I haven’t done my project yet, but I wanted to say how totally enchanted I feel watching the video, the works of art, the lovely guitar music and Charles’ gentle and sensitive approach. Such an impressive list of places that have been Lazured by you. All my best wishes and I will let you know how it goes.”
    Susan ~ South Yorkshire, UK
  • “Dear Mr. Andrade, I wanted to say thank you for your great tutorial and your inspirational work. And please say thank you to your partner who was so kind and helpful. I painted my living room wall standing on a ladder 5 meters above the floor afraid to fall off or make a mistake. But it was worth all efforts… I love the atmospheric colors so much!!”
    Julika ~ Hamburg, Germany
  • “Lazure is like coaxing angels out of a wall…”
    Anthony ~ Sarasota, Florida
  • “It was really helpful to have watched the video and have the color chart to help guide our choices, and the paint colors were so lovely and concentrated…We had a great time doing the Lazure painting, and would definitely consider using the technique again in another room of our house.”
    Marianne ~ Penobscot, Maine
  • “I have had so much fun with my first Lazure projects – I’m definitely learning something new with each wall…I loved the tints and wouldn’t have known how to get them if not for you.”
    Teresa ~ Granada Hills, CA
  • “The video is WONDERFUL and answered so many of our questions – and alerted us to issues we most certainly would have come across, but didn’t know about (astral burn, fadeouts). It also delighted us to hear Charles speak of the spiritual aspect of the painting, describing the Earth, Air, Fire, Water elements of the process – something that resonates with us. 
    Peggy & Wendy ~ Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Additional Lazure Painting Materials

Lazure by ANDRADE Custom Color Sets

This specially designed set of six custom high quality artist colors allows you to create the entire spectrum of colors found in a complete color wheel. This set of 1 oz. bottles of acrylic colors should easily allow you to Lazure a 9 X 12 room. Colors include: Midnight Blue, Forever French Blue, Yellow Sunlight, Golden Sunflower, Vermilion Velvet and Deep Red Rose. If you’re planning to Lazure larger spaces or several rooms, you can purchase additional color sets and individual colors below.

Buy online via PayPal – Shipping & Handling (in the U.S.), $15 for set, $5 for individual colors

Full Set of 6 Colors – $55

Individual Colors – $8.75

Select color(s):

Custom European Lazure Brushes

Indispensable for Lazure work, these unique brushes allow you to carry large amounts of glaze over the surface of your walls. We are excited to offer our new and greatly improved custom Lazure brushes! These brushes were custom made at a small European brush factory to facilitate and meet all the specialty needs for the Lazure painting process.


European Lazure brushes – $30/each

Cost of 2 brushes is $60 + priority shipping!  (You need a minimum of 2 Lazure brushes for your projects.) Purchase online through PayPal:

2 Lazure Brushes – $60

3 Lazure Brushes – $90

4 Lazure Brushes – $120

or send an email to

You will need at least two brushes to create the beautiful atmospheric Lazure. For proper handling:

  • Do not lay brush on its side forcing the bristles to flatten
  • Stand your brushes up as shown in the picture
  • Do not leave the brushes to dry in the air while they have paint on them. If you do have difficulty cleaning them, soak them briefly in de-natured alcohol to loosen any residual glaze paint that begins to affect the brushes efficiency.

**Always wash your new brushes in warm dish soapy water and stand to dry immediately after use or put in a soapy water bucket to soak until you can clean them thoroughly.