My master bedroom was completely transformed into a beautiful, healing, space. Charles works in a very calm manner – quietly creating beautiful blends of color. Bravo!
Catherine Rusoff, Los Angeles, CA

Charles has an exquisite eye for color, an inimitable talent for the art of Lazuring, personal artistic gifts and a captivating manner of teaching his skills. He magically transformed our community performance hall. Thank you, Charles!
Gita Labrentz, Ph.D, School Director at The Westside Waldorf School, Pacific Palisades, California

Charles Andrade has given three workshops at our school on Lazuring and the use of color. His knowledge, enthusiasm, and skill are exceptional. We are more than pleased with his work and teaching ability, and would recommend him highly in any situation.
Noris S. Friedman, Collegium Chair, The Waldorf School of Baltimore, Maryland

On behalf of the Nelson Waldorf School, and the weekend workshop group, I heartily recommend Charles Andrade as a teacher of Lazure painting, a workshop leader, and a gifted artist.
Barbarah Nicoll, Nelson Waldorf School, British Colombia, CANADA

I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Andrade’s working visit to our campus. It was a pleasure to work with him. He is an excellent speaker and a very talented artistic painter. He was also a good and patient teacher to us all. I am happy to recommend Mr. Andrade for future workshops, lectures and any special painting projects.
Diana Fletcher, The Waldorf School of San Diego

We have recently been privileged to work with Charles Andrade. I found Charles to be open and clear in his communications and very enthusiastic in his approach. His lecture was inspiring and many participants said that they felt it to be life-changing.
Elyse Pomeranz, Teacher, Alan Howard Waldorf School, Toronto, CANADA

This is to recommend the work of Charles Andrade for his contribution to the medical therapeutic center of Camphill Special Schools. It is unequivocally clear to us that the design and appearance of the Lazured walls has added immensely to the well-being of our client group. A supportive aesthetic environment unquestionably enhances psychological and emotional well-being, and is a powerful ancillary aid to primary therapeutic and medical treatments. We feel that the Lazure technique is ideal for medical and therapeutic institutions of any kind. I would highly recommend Mr. Andrade’s work and the technique that he employs for any establishment in the educational and health care services.
Cornelius M. Pietzner, Executive Director, Camphill Soltane, Glenmore, Pennsylvania

Charles Andrade’s visit to the Interior Design program was a breath of fresh air for us. The hallway now has a new energy since he guided the students in painting it. One student told me today that every time she walks down the corridor she feels a real uplift of spirit. It was a true contribution to our students and our building.
Dr. Stephen Kendall, AIA, Associate Professor of Interior Design, Marymount University, Arlington, Virginia

Charles Andrade Lazured our bedroom walls several years ago, and we are so happy with the result. He is extremely talented at what he does and is a leading expert in the techniques and philosophies behind Lazure work and healing color. He is also a creative artist and his paintings brighten our walls and warm our hearts. I highly recommend Charles and Lazure Custom Wall Designs for anyone who wants to add more vibrancy and depth to their living spaces. He is a gem!
Holly Hickman, Client, Up Tempo Marketing, Consultant, Boulder, Colorado

I am so grateful to have participated in the Lazure workshop with Charles Andrade. The beauty and joy in this artistry and his understanding of it filled me up. It is a gift to all who work with him and all who encounter his work.
Lindsey Falconer, Workshop participant, Austin, Texas

Over the course of 4 days, Charles Andrade trained and worked with a group of parents and faculty and taught us the basics of Lazuring as we learned on the job by Lazuring our entire school. As school Administrator, there is hardly a week that goes by that someone doesn’t comment on the beauty of that work. Chuck is a great teacher and a top notch artist. The man knows color!
Gary Cannon, Administrator at Waldorf School of Cape Cod, Bourne, Massachusetts

Charles just finished brightening up our working environment at our home offices for the second time. During both visits he impressed staff with his focus and consistent application of his talents.  People were amazed at the pace, as well as the quality of his work.  He was here in January, and back again this July for another major improvement to our working environment. All persons responsible for managing people try to create a productive environment.  Eden Foods overall corporate wellness has been twice considerably improved by working visits from Mr. Charles Andrade of Lazure Custom Wall Designs. I highly recommend him.
The Lazure style that he is skilled at uplifts the mood of all who enter the spaces that he has painted.
Michael Potter, Chairman and President, Eden Foods Inc., Clinton, Michigan

Charles Andrade created a “Sun Temple” in Carbondale, Colorado when he Lazured the new school building and painted a large, beautiful mural at the entrance. The glowing colors and transitional shadings were magnificent. The Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork has since grown to be a thriving, multi-building campus that powerfully exemplifies the beauty and healing force of Lazured spaces. I have continued to recommend Charles’ artistic abilities and masterful sense of color to friends and colleagues around the world and never known anyone to be disappointed! Everyone should live and work in a space that has been imbued with Lazure coloring technique.
Kathryn King, Administrative Director of Las Estrellas Teacher Training, Austin, Texas

Charles Andrade is a very talented decorative arts painter. His skill with color washes (Lazure) is incredible. He has painted several beautiful murals in our home and everyone always comments on the quality of his work. Our walls have a luminescence that is very unique. Charles brings light with color that is exceptionally pleasing to the eye and to the soul.
Valery Kelly, Colorado client

Charles Andrade is an artistic master of personal and business space. He is an expert in his field of color design and application. He is personable and has high integrity. He has done excellent work in my home and businesses (two schools and an adult educational institute.) I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is the best.
Donald Bufano, Chair and Teacher at Waldorf School of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland

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